The 12th Diocesan Synod

      Six members elected by the Synod:
               The Revd Samuel TANG (Chairman)
               The Revd Stephen HUNG
               CHEUNG Shui Fung, Ben
               CHEUNG Tsz Fung
               MAK Man Kim, Tony
               YIU Tsz Kin

      The Diocesan General Secretary:
               The Revd Kenneth LAU

      Members co-opted by the Committee:
 CHAN Yuk Ching, Jeanniee
               Johnathan LAI
               LAM Wai Ping

      In attendance members invited by the Committee:
               Joey Fan
               Madeleine Lam

Objects and Duties:
The objects of the Committee shall be to propose strategies and policies of the Diocese on information and communication to the Bishop and the Standing Committee; and to implement such strategies and policies.

The duties of the Committee shall be as follows:-

  1. to promote evangelism through printed and other media;
  2. to edit and publish Diocesan publications assgined by the Standing Committee;
  3. to manage and renew the Diocesan websites; and
  4. to collect, organize and archive written works