The 11th Diocesan Synod

      Members elected by the Synod:
               The Revd Edith SIN (Chairperson)
               The Revd Kenneth LO
               The Revd Amos POON
               Ben CHEUNG
               TAI Hiu Ching
               YIU Tsz Kin
               YUEN King Hang, Alan

      The Diocesan Youth Officer:
               The Revd Jason LEUNG

      Three members co-opted by the Committee:
               LAI Ka Wai
               SO Yuk Ying
               FUNG Yu Yan

Objects and Duties:
The objects of the Committee shall be to propose to the Bishop and the Standing Committee strategies and policies of the Diocese on youth missionary work and pastoral care; and to implement such strategies and policies.

The duties of the Committee shall be as follows:

  • to communicate and to reinforce the relationship among parishes and missions, to coordinate resources so as to enhance the effectiveness of mission on youth and pastoral care;
  • to train the young laity, so that they can shoulder the mission of pastoral care and evangelism; and
  • to identify suitable young people for ministry.