The 13th Diocesan Synod

      Members elected by the Synod:
               The Revd Amos POON (Chairman)
               The Revd Kenneth LO
               The Revd Adam MO
               The Revd Francis YU
               HO Choi Yee
               SO Shun Yan, Simon
               SO Yuk Ying
               YIU Tsz Kin

      The Diocesan Youth Officer:
               The Revd Jason LEUNG

      Members co-opted by the Committee:

Objects and Duties:
The objects of the Committee shall be to propose to the Bishop and the Standing Committee strategies and policies of the Diocese on youth missionary work and pastoral care; and to implement such strategies and policies.

The duties of the Committee shall be as follows:

  • to communicate and to reinforce the relationship among parishes and missions, to coordinate resources so as to enhance the effectiveness of mission on youth and pastoral care;
  • to train the young laity, so that they can shoulder the mission of pastoral care and evangelism; and
  • to identify suitable young people for ministry.