The 13th Diocesan Synod

      The Diocesan Bishop:
               The Rt Revd Dr Matthias DER (Chairman)

      The Diocesan Chancellor:
               CHENG Mo Chi, Moses

      The Executive Secretary of the Synod and the General Secretary of the Diocese:
               The Revd Kenneth LAU

      The Honorary Treasurer:
               MOK Yu Sang, Wilson

      Members elected by the Synod:
               The Very Revd CHAN Kwok Keung
               The Revd Canon IP Kam Fai
               The Revd Canon Dr LAM Chun Wai
               The Revd TSUI Yuk Fan
               CHEUNG Ting Kin
               LEE Ching Yee, Jane
               NGAI Kwok Wai, Willy
               Terese WONG

Terms of Reference :

  • The Standing Committee shall be an advisory to as well as executive body for the Bishop on all matters concerning the well-being of the Diocese and in particular the Standing Committee shall advise the Bishop on all matters referred to it by the Synod or the Bishop for its advice.
  • The Standing Committee shall also act as executive committee of the Synod.
  • The Standing Committee shall perform functions and powers as set out in the Constitution and Canons.