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Ministry Title : Women Ministry
Article Title : Women's League of the Diocese: Committee Members for the year 2013
Published : 03-JUN-2013

An introduction of the Women's League of the Diocese for the year 2013 is as follows:

Committee Members (2013):

      Chairman: Mrs CHAN LAM Lai King 
                      (St. Peter's Church, North Point)
Mrs AU LEUNG Wai Yee
                     (St. Mary's Church)
      Mrs KWAN WONG Mei Chun, Peggy
                     (St. Stephen's Church)

      Mrs SO WONG Yuet Hung, Phoebe
                     (St. Timothy's Church)

      Ms TANG Shun Woon
                     (St. James' Church)

      Ms Hui Man Nga, Cindy
                     (St Luke's Church)
      Ms Alsess Ma
                     (St. Peter's Church, North Point)

      Ms LAM Mei Ling
                     (St. Luke's Church)

      Ms TSE MOK Lan Sang, Ellen
                     (St. Paul's Church)