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  Notice of the House of Bishops-Resumption of public worship services in Hong Kong(update:27 May 2020 (Published Date(s): 21-MAY-2020 ~ 30-JUN-2020)

  教區資訊傳播委員會:疫境下的侍奉--經驗交流分享會 (Published Date(s): 20-MAY-2020 ~ 16-JUN-2020)

  教區青年事工委員會 : 泰澤共融祈禱會 - 5月22日以錄播形式舉行 (in Chinese only) (Published Date(s): 13-MAY-2020 ~ 19-JUN-2020)

  Information on Live Webcast of Worship Services (Published Date(s): 15-FEB-2020 ~ 05-JUL-2020)

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