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Diocesan Synod Committee

The 10th Diocesan Synod

      The Diocesan Bishop:

               The Most Revd Dr Paul KWONG

      The Executive Secretary of the Synod:

               The Revd TSUI Yuk Fan

      The General Secretary of the Diocese:

               The Revd Kenneth LAU

      The Honorary Treasurer of the Diocese:
               MOK Yu Sang, Wilson (Chairman)

      The Honorary Assistant Treasurer of the Diocese:
               Joey FAN

      Members elected by the Synod:

               The Revd IP Kam Fai

               The Revd Lysta LEUNG

               NGAI Kwok Wai, Willy

               Terese WONG
               Johnny SIN (1 January 2018)

Terms of Reference: 

  1. The Finance Committee shall be a body to advise and manage the finance of the Diocese and it shall advise the Synod and the Standing Committee on all matters referred by them for its advice which shall include but not limited to:
    • planning and raising revenue for the Diocese and to collect payments from Parishes and Missions of the Diocese;
    • taking charge of and manage the finance of the Diocese, including investments;
    • administering all funds established within or entrusted to the Diocese;
    • keeping and maintaining the accounts of the Diocese and to present financial reports to the Synod and the Standing Committee;
    • receiving and considering financial reports of each of the Parishes and Missions; and giving comments and suggestions for improvement, if appropriate;
    • performing any other duties assigned to it by the Synod and the Standing Committee; and
    • preparing financial budget of the Diocese to be presented to the Synod.
  2. The Finance Committee shall make necessary arrangements for internal audit of the various bodies of the Diocese.
  3. The Finance Committee shall act as adviser on financial investment to the various bodies of the Diocese.