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Church Calendar & Liturgy

聖靈降臨日(in Chinese only) (Published: 04-JUN-2017)
基督升天日(in Chinese only) (Published: 25-MAY-2017)
主復活日守夜禮儀(in Chinese only) (Published: 14-APR-2017)
聖周五──救主受難紀念(in Chinese only) (Published: 13-APR-2017)
設立聖餐日(in Chinese only) (Published: 12-APR-2017)
棕枝主日(in Chinese only) (Published: 08-APR-2017)
大齋首日 (in Chinese only) (Published: 01-MAR-2017)
奉獻基督於聖殿日(in Chinese only) (Published: 02-FEB-2017)
基督領洗日(in Chinese only) (Published: 09-JAN-2017)
顯現日(in Chinese only) (Published: 06-JAN-2017)
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