According to the notice of the House of Bishops, all public worship services in the Diocese will be suspended.  The following churches have arranged for their worship services to be broadcast live through internet:
【Diocese of Hong Kong Island】

St. John's Cathedral, 6:00pm.Cantonese), 9:00am.English), 10:30am.Filipino), 10:30am.Mandarin), 5:00pm.Cantonese)

St. Stephen's Church(Sunday, 10:30am)

St. Paul's Church(Sunday, 8:00am, 11:00am)(Recording Form)
St. Mary's Church(Sunday, 8:30am)
St. James' Church(Sunday, 10:00am)

St. Luke's Church(Sunday, 11:00am)

St. Peter's Church North Point (Sunday, 8:00am, 11:00am) (Recording Form)
Holy Nativity Church(Sunday, 10:30am)(Message Sharing)
St. Timothy's Church(Sunday, 10:30am)
The Church of the Ascension(Sunday, 10:00am)